Welcome to my homepage! I am currently a postdoc with Kanaka Rajan at the Harvard Medical School and Kempner Institute. Previously, I spent a year applying AI to Biology and Medicine at Ankit Patel’s lab at Baylor College of Medicine/Rice University (Houston, TX), and another as Research Scientist in Machine Learning at Meta’s (Facebook’s)“Probability” team.

I graduated with a PhD in Dec 2021 from the University of Washington (Seattle), with research at the intersection of Machine/Reinforcement Learning and Computational Neuroscience. Prior to this, I earned an MS in Computer Science at Oregon State University, and an MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Iowa.

I have worked in industry for ~5 years: Research Scientist in Machine Learning at Meta, Data Scientist on the LinkedIn.com Data Science team (now Microsoft), ML/Data Engineer and Product Manager at Orbitz.com (now Expedia), (Chip) Design Engineer at Texas Instruments and Robotics Intern at Systemantics